If you can - by Harold Romine

If you can cause
Your fellow man to think
Thoughts that are above
The common realm

If you can gladly
Take the oar in hand
And let another stand
There at the helm

If you can let
The lonely know
They have a friend
And help them
Walk with you
And smile again

If you can hold
A tear stained face
Between your hands
And help them see
Through vision blurred
And understand

If you can
Slow your step
Enough to walk
With weary ones
And help them
Down the road

If you can walk
In spite of trial
And heart ache
Although you stumble
Now and then
Beneath your load

If you can be aware
Of those around you
And stop long enough
To hold a wrinkled hand
And remember
How it was
When He first found you
And how it really wasn’t
Something you had planned

If you can give yourself
And not regret it
And reach out
And be unafraid
To touch
Then be this known
By you sister and brother

Heaven itself
Would have you do
As much