Vatican to Display Body of Late Pope (July 17, 2001)

In newspapers throughout the land, dated May 2, 2001, articles appeared concerning the plans of the Vatican to place the body of Pope John XXIII on display in “St. Peter's Square” on June 3rd, which will be the 38th year since his death. His body will be shown in a “bronze and crystal coffin” and afterward, it will be taken into the Basilica “making it more accessible for viewing by the faithful.”

By many observes, this public display of the body of John XXIII is seen as expediting the process of his “beatification” toward becoming “canonized” as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church.

Already, one miracle has been “attributed to his intercession.”

But “a second miracle must be certified for John to be canonized.”

As 1 read all that, 1 wondered how people could believe it?

And yet, I realize that tens of millions not only believe it but are utterly captivated by it. That is incredible to me!

If people would just read the Bible they would know better, because nowhere in the Bible can one read about the “Pope,” nor being “beatified” or “canonized.” The fact is, nowhere in the Bible can one read anything about the “Roman Catholic Church,” period. The apostle Peter, the man the Roman Catholics claim as their first “pope,” refused for another to bow before him. When Cornelius met Peter “and fell down at his feet and worshipped him,” Peter “raised him up, saying, ‘Stand up, 1 myself also am a man’”(Acts 10:24-26). How does that correlate with what is seen on television when so many bow before the pope and kiss his ring? The truth of the matter is that it doesn't!

—Maxie B. Boren