For all those searching and working so hard for something better in life,

Iím not sure why I feel compelled to write this letter. Maybe because sometimes life gets me down after working and hoping so hard for a better life. But life has a way of setting you back, whether it is inflated heating bills and gas prices, or lack of income to accommodate a standard or a dream. This brings our spirits down. My question is, should we let it? Where should we expend our energy? ... On achieving things of this world or on God and eternal life?

Because of reasons stated above, I, as well as many friends, have lost track of whatís really important. Then we wonder why we get so depressed. Is it so important to be ready for the summer, or to work so hard now so later you can rest. Or perhaps old houses keep us occupied with repair and new houses keep us strapped for money and worries.

We all want whatís best for ourselves and our children ... a better life. I see a scary trend, however. What is best in this worldly life is not necessarily best for the soul. Eternal life in heaven should be our goal for our children and ourselves. This does not only mean attending church every Sunday (tired or not), but it means spending quality time with our children on a regular basis and to give ourselves as examples in order to teach them lessons of the heart ... of love, kindness and compassion. Children need to put less emphasis on themselves and more on giving to others. Can we do this if we are tired all the time? I think we offer our children everything materially, but often fail to allow them to have less in order to learn more. Our children are too busy with soccer, hockey, dance, Gameboys, TV and Nintendo to ever have time to focus on God. We are not allowing them the time nor are we teaching them to put God first.

Ask yourself, in the end, what will matter? Today, a friend of mine lost her 18-month-old child in a tragic accident. No doubt, they had plans for their childís future. And thus, worked many hours each week to achieve it. Now what? Are the extra hours worth it? Does it seem that important now? In life and in death God will always be there if we ask him. But donít expect too much of God if you arenít willing to do your part. Tired is not an excuse! Too busy is not an excuse! Jesus was all of this, but be still round time for you. Written to you out of love. We all need a wake up call. Even me.

It is hoped that these thoughts will be taken in the spirit of love and encouragement which they were intended.

Love, JIM