Weighed in the Balances

Hopefully it is safe to assume that most readers of this bulletin are familiar with the story of Belshazzar, as recorded in Daniel 5.

If by chance you are not, please take the time now to read that chapter, and especially verses 17-27. Note that in Daniel’s interpretation of the handwriting on the wall that he told Belshazzar he had been “weighed in the balances” and found wanting.

It occurs to me that in a very real sense all of us will be “weighed in the balances.” Note II Cor. 5:10 and Rom. 14:12. Will we be found wanting? That is the question of extreme importance. Let each one be as objective as possible in examining himself now (II Cor. 13:5) making whatever corrections necessary (Acts 3:19), so that in the “final examination” of the Judgment Day (Acts 17:30-31) none of us will be found wanting.

Therefore, there are questions each of us needs to ask himself and answer honestly: Am I an asset to the Cause of Christ, or a detriment? Am I a positive influence for good within the church, or a negative? Am I a “plus” or a “minus” in the work of the Lord? Will the Lord say to me, “Well done, good and faithful servant?” or will He say, “cast out (this) unprofitable servant into the outer darkness”? Read Matt. 25: 14-30.

Think seriously about it now while you still have time. Tomorrow may be too late!

—Maxie B. Boren