Things Needed Most

The late and beloved Gus Nichols was asked many years ago what he thought were the most critical needs in the church. He suggested the following six needs which could be taken as urgent priorities for this and every other congregation.

  1. Conversion of the members. Many Christians take the casual approach to Christianity. Conversion is a matter of surrender and commitment to Jesus as the Lord of our being.
  2. Regular attendance. It takes more than attendance to be a Christian, but there is no way to develop a Christ-like life without regular worship and Bible study.
  3. Sanctification. There must be a clear-cut distinction between Christians and the world.
  4. Liberality. It is the commitment of regular, weekly, giving-as-prospered contributions that leads to liberality.
  5. Unity. Many congregations are marred by schism, faction and disharmony. The church must believe the same thing, hope the same thing, and work for the same goals.
  6. Informed leadership. Leaders must first be committed to what the Bible says. They also need to know the people. They need to know how to lead and where to go.

Tuscumbia Alabama church bulletin