Live or Survive?

Ecclesiastes 12.3-16

The important thing is not the length of our life, but its quality. Some people live to be 85 years old but accomplish little. Others live only a few years, but consecrate this time to the service of God and others, and their influence is lasting.

Many people worry solely about prolonging their stay here and make an effort to add years to their life. Each year, they spend a fortune on medicine, vitamins, and special diets in order to stay alive. However, we forget that it is not the length of our life, but its quality and what we accomplish for the Lord that give meaning to life. It is only when we consecrate our life to our Creator (Ecclesiastes 12:3,15,16) that our days on earth count for eternity.

Today, let us seek to occupy our time in serving, worshipping, and working for the Master. If today should be the last day of our life, (and who knows, that could be the case), instead of wasting it dreaming about a long life, let us get busy producing abundant fruit and being a blessing to others. Instead of simply wandering aimlessly for the hours and the days that are allotted to us, let us really live.

Yes, the only life that is worth living (long or short) is the one that we spend serving the Lord and blessing others.


It is better to add life to your days than days to your life.