Erase it all and start over

2 Corinthians 5:17

With a sponge on a slate, it’s easy. In life, it’s not the same. We can change our clothes, dye our hair, move, go far away to another country…

We cannot reinvent our lives; we erase nothing.

God said to the man lost in the place of torments: “Remember” (Luke 16:25).

No, it is impossible to go back.

Only God can clean the slate, put the counter back at zero, make something new. If we allow him the freedom to do so, he will rebuild something more beautiful where we would have only managed a pitiful plastering job.

Allowing him to work on us means first of all that it is necessary.

Next it means leaving him free reign, confessing to him our incapability to change ourselves, admitting our faults, possibly our years of indifference towards him, or even our rebellion.

So our heavenly father gives us the possibility of starting over. With him, everything becomes new. The slate is erased. We are now on the path that leads to eternal happiness.

—Moise Lormier