Happy in Christ

We have sorrows and struggles, but we have peace in all things if Christ is the object of our desire; even in difficulties we find him nearer to us than in other moments.

It is obvious that God wants us to be happy, and not agitated and fearful. It is not a question of whether we will have further struggles, nor temptations, for these things will continue until the end, but rather of whether we will have peace even in these difficulties. Circumstances do not keep us from being happy. What we are missing is Christ.

If despite this, we are agitated and fearful, it is because something of our confidence is missing. It is the powerful energy of the Holy Spirit who reveals Christ, and the perfect love that God gave us in Jesus.

Let us take care of Christ, and not of ourselves and our worries, for in occupying ourselves with the flesh, we are not doing good. If we have any temptation, let us not think on our struggles but on He who can conquer them in drawing our hearts to him.

Then we will be free, and we will find in Jesus what we need to make us able to enjoy this peace that passes understanding. Everything becomes happiness because God is with us and his love is poured in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

We are then in the position that made the apostle Paul, prisoner, say : “I pray God that you may become what I am, except for these chains” (Acts 26:29).

Author unknown