Elijah: Man of God

That is what the Scriptures say of him. A man of God is someone who lives close to God. For us, it is for our own good that we approach the Lord. We are near to God in Jesus; we cannot be any nearer.

A man like all others.

A man subject to the same weaknesses. His flight into the desert is there to remind us of this. Others have preceded us on the path of weakness. They learned to count on the Lord. Let us do the same.

A man who stands before God.

This is his communion with the Creator. Our communion is with him and with his son Jesus Christ. It is a close relationship that is becoming more intense. How is our communion with the Lord?

A praying man.

He prayed insistently. His prayer could not be routine, disinterested ; it concerned a whole nation. Let us learn how to take part in God’s work by prayer.

A man of the word.

The Word of God was recognized in his mouth. Let us also be men of the Word!

—Dominique Rosay