Neal Pollard

Few religious articles try to make arguments for immodesty, but this one will attempt to do so.  None of these arguments will be new to anyone who has been around for any length of time.  So, what are some arguments for immodesty?

IF SOMETHING IS MODEST ENOUGH FOR SCHOOL, WORK, OR OTHER PUBLIC PLACE, IT IS MODEST ENOUGH.  Since the Christian allows the school or workplace to dictate morality and beliefs to them (in sex education, homosexuality, abortion, evolution), they should do so in this area, too. CALLS FOR MODESTY ARE BOTH UNREALISTIC AND NARROW!  Who in the present culture believes in covering the body?  Aren't cults, eastern religions and fanatics the only ones who keep covered in the summer?

APPEALS FOR MODESTY FAIL TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT WHAT IS FASHIONABLE.  Have you ever seen a young woman in shorts down to her knee?  Notice how she looks!  Have you seen how they are making dresses and shorts these days?  We need to be realistic.

MODEST CLOTHING IS JUST NOT WHAT MOST GUYS AND GIRLS ARE LOOKING FOR ANYMORE.  What kind of men will be interested in women who wear modest clothes?  What kind of women will have eyes for men who keep on their clothes?  Don't worry about what happens when your body starts to sag, droop, and wrinkle, and the one who has chosen you is left with everything but what he or she was after in the first place.  Get your body out there in view to attract him or her.

WEARING MODEST CLOTHING MIGHT MAKE YOU STAND OUT IN THE CROWD.  If you are the only one in modest shorts or wihtout the bathing suit on in mixed company, won't you attract undue notice to yourself?  The smartest thing for a Christian to do is totally blend in with the environment.

MOST CLOTHES CONSIDERED "MODEST" ARE TOO HOT TO WEAR IN THE SUMMER.  Heat exhaustion must be more common among places with stricter standards of modesty.  Heat exhaustion and sun poisoning is almost unheard of where immodesty is common.  Right?

I hope all you "modesty obsessed" folks have come to your senses.  Never mind your 1 Timothy 2:9, Matthew 5:32, Galatians 5:19-21, Romans 12:1-2, 1 Peter 3:3-4, and 1 Peter 2:11.  I think I've built a pretty good case myself.