Speaking in Tongues

Introduction: When did someone speak in tongues for the first time? Genesis 11:7 - the tower of Babel. Did Jesus ever spoke in tongues? No Is speaking in tongues a commandment from God? No, because if that was the case, all Christian would have to speak in tongues. 1 Corinthians 12:30, this passage doesn't indicate that all Corinthian had the gift of tongues. I. PASSAGES used by all those that believe in speaking in tongues. a. Mark 16:17-20-(clé 14) b. Acts 2:1-14, (John 14:15.26.Jean 16:5-13) Luke 24:44-49. c. Acts 10: 44-46 first time in the whole NT, where a pagan convert speaks in tongues. 1. In this case, he receives the Holy Spirit directly and without the laying on of Peter’s hands. 2. Before even obeying the gospel - Acts 10:47-48. 3. The giving of the Holy Spirit mentioned (v 45) is not precisely the giving that Acts mention in 2:38 and 5: 32, it’s the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit which is given at baptism (that is the fulfilment of the prophecy of Joel 2:28-32.) read Acts 11:1-18. d. Acts 19:1-7. First time where Jews speak in tongue. In this passage Paul lays his hands on them. e. In the two cases that we have just examined, speaking in tongue was a sign for Jews. Acts 11:17. 15:1-6-9-12. II. CORINTH: A CHURCH WITH PROBLEMS. A. Corinth, a church that had a lot of problems. 1 Corinthians 1: 11-12 3: 1-7 4: 18 5: 1-5 5: 9-13 6: 1-5 11: 17-18 B. 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 the cited gifts. 1) their goal was to confirm the divine speech announced by the apostles. Mark 16:20 Hebrews 2:3-4 Acts 8:6.11-13. Acts 14 :3 2) All didn't possess these gift. 1 Corinthian 12:29-31. 3) At the beginning it was only the apostles Acts 2 7,43. 3:6-7, 4:33. 5:12. 4) Later others Christian received it - Acts 6:8.8:6. 5) Given for the common good - 1 Corinth 12:7, 6) The gift of tongues has never been given for personal edification but for the whole body. 7) these gifts were conferred, transmitted solely by the apostles. Acts 6:3-5. Etienne and Philip were full of the Holy Spirit but there was not any trace of their miracles before the laying on of hands by the apostles Acts 6:6 ,8 and 8:6-12. 8) Philip in Spirit of power that he possessed didn't have the power to transmit, his gift to other people. 9) only the apostles had the power to do it, why? Because they had received it directly from Jesus. III. THE GIFTS WERE TO BE DONE AWAY WITH. Why? A. First because the gifts were temporary and had to disappear 1 Cor 13 :8 Three possible answers in regard to verse 10, 1) The general point of view is that the whole divine revelation was not transmitted yet in 13:9. 2) The perfect is often synonymous of complete and accomplished, in this case it is contrasted with the partial. 3) When the revelation of the NT was complete, there was not need for the partial anymore, that is to say the gifts. See James 1:25 Jude 3, 2 Peter 1:3, John 20:31. Rom 10:17 B. My point of view, it doesn't speak of God's speech, but of what the Corinthian were missing: LOVE. Besides chapter 13, as a whole, only speaks of love. To see Col 3:14 and 1 John 2:1-5 In 1 Corinthians 13:11 Paul compares his childhood to the one of the church of Corinth, because it was a church that lacked maturity and love.