The Heart Of The Skeptic's Battle Is The Battle In The Skeptic's Heart

Neal Pollard

There is so much in this world to generate disbelief and doubt.  The allegations and affirmations of "experts" in fields from anthropology and archaeology to biology and geology can often generate skepticism.  Media bias is against belief in the God and the morals of the Bible.  Materialism is killing the spiritual hunger of especially the average person in western culture.  Into such a daunting fray Christians take the powerful, living, and active Sword of the Spirit.  The battleground is a strategic knoll known as the human heart.  More and more persons wherein this battle must be waged own skeptical hearts.

Wherever this battle is won, the heart must be reached.  As truly honest, but skeptical people try to wade through the competing messages, they must fairly and rationally evaluate the opposing messages.  The skeptic must ask, "What explanation of origins really is most logical and sensible?"  The same question must be asked concerning his or her purpose, meaning, and destiny.  The skeptic has as "Choice A" that he or she has come from amoeba, is nothing more than an animal, and will simply wind up part of the acreage.  There is no higher power than himself, no greater authority than herself, and no greater prospect than the present.  Evolution, humanism, and epicureanism are the driving doctrines.  The implications are frightening, and include the admissibility of abortion, euthanasia, genocide, promiscuity, and more.

The skeptic has as "Choice B" that he or she is made in the image of an intelligent, purposeful Creator, is a complex combination of body, soul and spirit, and will continue conscious existence somewhere for an endless eternity.  There is a higher power and authority who promises an incomparably better prospect than the present.  Grace, faith and works are the driving doctrines.  The implications, properly understood and followed, include service, benevolence, love, peace, fulfillment, hope, and more.

The problem is that too many, skeptics and otherwise, are not aware of the reality and necessity of this battle.  They may have quieted that voice within long ago.  They may not want to fight the battle.  They may be afraid to wrestle with the choices.  Or, they may simply need and want help and guidance wading through it all.  As possessors of the needed answers, we, as Christians, have to help the skeptic fight the battle.  We must (Matthew 28:19).  We had better.  We can.