Experiencing The Joy

Lewis G. Hale

Ruth, Michael and I moved to Lorenzo, TX, in March of 1953.  That is a small town in west Texas, a little east of Lubbock.  In case you do not know, they have sand storms.  Some days were so bad you could not see the house across the street.  If that makes you question my credibility, go see for yourself.

We had a deacon in the church named Ed Scroggin.  He was full of wise observations which I have quoted many times.  However, one day he made a statement that sounded crazy to me.  He said, "I'm proud we have these sand storms."  Nobody, I mean but nobobdy enjoyed a sand storm.  He then explained.  "This is such a wonderful place to live that if it were not for these sand storms, we would be covered up with people because everyone would want to live here."

I am not sure about the accuracy of his statement but I did get his point.  I have thought about it in connection with being a Christian.  If people really knew the joy and blessings of being a member of the church of our Lord, everyone would want to be a member.  Our church buildings would be running over.  We have failed to cause people to see the joy and to know the blessings.

Too many are like a man who lived a few blocks from our old location at 25th and South Agnew.  Mabel Hackett was knocking doors in the area to invite people to a gospel meeting.  A man came to the door and was given an invitation.  He said, "Lady, I have enough troubles without 'joining' some church."  To him, church would not be a joy but just another burden to bear.

The choice is yours.  You can choose to come to church and enjoy it, or, you can choose to come to church and be miserable.  EXPERIENCE THE JOY.