Love - by Ernie Christie

The Song of Solomon is an interesting book dealing with the subject of love between a man and a woman. It is hard to follow the dialogue between Solomon, the shepherd, the maiden and the others mentioned in the text. But it is not hard to see that the maiden was true to the one she loved. She chose the shepherd over Solomon and all he had to offer.

Note the following lessons from these two people deeply in love.

  1. True love causes two people to be “sick with love” (2:5; 5:8).
  2. True love causes two people to commit to each other (2:16; 6:3).
  3. True love causes two people to see good rather than blemishes (4.-7; 5:16).
  4. True love can only occur between friends (5:16).
  5. True love causes two people to keep their desire to each other (7: 1 0).
  6. True love becomes stronger with the test of trials and time (8:6,7).

    There is nothing more beautiful than true love. When two people fall in love and stay in love, the bond of love becomes stronger and knows no bounds.