Keep It Up!

Neal Pollard

   Remember that year you lost twenty pounds?  Or the time you ran that 10K?  Or the time you scrimped, denied, and cut back to save a few thousand dollars?  It felt good, didn't it?  You had the satisfaction of accomplishment, the thrill of victory! 

   Too often, though, we not only gain back the twenty but add ten to it.  We not only no longer run, we don't even walk.  We blew that savings account and have huge credit card bills.  Sustained effort is difficult.  Life is more marathon than sprint.

   What does it take to consistently fight the Devil?  Simply put, it takes persistence.  Are you reading your Bible every day?  If so, that's wonderful!  But, keep up the hunger and thirst for righteousness.  It doesn't take much and it doesn't take long to simply forget or to grow lax in this department.  The same is true of prayer.  You know how much closer to God and how much stronger you are when you pray faithfully and continuously.  Yet, all it takes is missing a day here and a week there until you are embarrassed to answer the words to the song, "How Long Has It Been?"  You may have gone a long time in conquering that weakness, character flaw, or sin problem, but all it takes is a moment without due vigilance and you are right back in the pit.  Faithful church attendance can be sacrificed by just one bad choice on a single occasion. 

   How are you doing?  Are you staying on track on the narrow way?  If not, turn around quickly.  If so, keep it up!  It doesn't take much and it doesn't take long to reverse course.  Getting a good head start  is neat, but ultimately the only thing that matters is successfully crossing the finish line.